HP Readies New PCs for the Windows 7 Party

With availability of Windows 7 just around the corner, HP has unveiled a grab-bag of new PCs that include something for everyone. Leading the pack are several new additions to its TouchSmart line, including the HP LD4200tm, equipped with HP’s first fully interactive, 42-inch diagonal, high-definition digital signage touch display.

HP has released a slew of new PCs — both desktop and notebooks — that leverage its growing investment in touchscreen technology ahead of Microsoft’s Windows 7 release.

The products target just about every buying constituency there is, from college students seeking affordable notebooks to businesses interested in upgrading to high-end desktops and laptops.

Touchscreen Product Line

In the touchscreen category, it introduced several products geared toward consumers.

The HP TouchSmart 600 and the HP TouchSmart 300 come equipped with Hulu Desktop and a Netflix application — among several other Web 2.0 apps — and sport a swivel stand and tilt webcam. The HP TouchSmart 600 starts at US$1,049 and is expected Oct. 22. The HP TouchSmart 300, starting at $899, is expected by Nov. 1.

The HP TouchSmart tx2 notebook PC has a tablet form-factor and comes equipped with several entertainment applications and functions, including exclusive touch-enabled games and Corel Painter Sketch Pad for creating digital art. It weighs 4.65 pounds, features a 12.1-inch diagonal widescreen integrated touchscreen convertible display and AMD Turion dual-core processors. The HP TouchSmart tx2 retails for $799 and is expected to be available Oct. 22.

HP also introduced new touchscreen PCs for business users.

The HP TouchSmart 9100 Business PC targets the middle-tier business user, providing videoconferencing capabilities and other multimedia features. It has a 23-inch diagonal full HD widescreen display. Other features include DVI output and configure-to-order options including a choice of Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The HP TouchSmart 9100 starts at $1,299 and is expected to be available in December.

The HP LD4200tm is arguably HP’s favorite child. Among other special effects, it features a 42-inch diagonal high-definition screen with a 178 x 178 degree viewing angle and infrared technology — which recognizes multitouch gestures for on-screen interaction with video, graphics or text in both bright and dim lighting. The HP LD4200tm’s starting price is $2,799, and it’s expected to be available in December.

From TechNewsWorld.com

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