Dell Smart Phone Now a Reality

dellAfter two long years (or more) of fits and starts and more than a little rejection, Dell is finally rolling into the smart phone business, for real this time.

The details are a little thin, but at least we have a picture or two (see right): The Dell Mini 3 will use the Android operating system and clearly features an iPhone-like touchscreen design. The catch: You won’t be able to get one here, at least not at first. The Mini 3 is a device intended exclusively for carriers in China and Brazil at launch.

Dell hasn’t released any detailed specs on the phone, although rumors based on leaked prototypes of the device claim that it’s largely in line with other iPhone competitors on the market. An early version of the Mini 3 was even said not to include 3G connectivity at all, but Dell has confirmed that that spec has been upgraded, at least in Brazil. It would have to be in order for the phone to be made palatable in the large markets where Dell is entering.

In lieu of knowing much else about it, I have to say the pictures of the phone actually look pretty sexy. (I’m deeply curious about how much it weighs, however.) I’d love to try one out, and there’s really no reason the handset shouldn’t be made available in the U.S. at some point down the road. One rumor even says AT&T will get the phone — or one like it — in 2010. If not, expect gray market importers who specialize in overseas electronics to bring a Mini or two into the country at some point… though probably at a hefty price.

From Yahoo!Tech

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