PS3 to go 3D by 2011

Sony has a strategy for upping the quality of its content and providing an incentive for gamers to upgrade their home entertainment systems next year, and it involves the PS3 going 3D.

A presentation to investors yesterday underlined that the PlayStation 3 will be a fully 3D-capable game console by the end of 2010, and that a firmware update would share this upgrade across all existing PS3s. A few demos of PS3 3D gaming have been shown previously, but the news of an across-the-board firmware update is new. Of course, a gamer would still need a 3D-capable Bravia HDTV and glasses, the latter of which haven’t been announced yet.

We’re curious how the quality will be–Nvidia’s 3D game technology, now being embedded into laptops, looks great, but requires a 120Hz monitor for fluid motion. But it’s a smart idea, if manufacturers want anyone to adopt 3D tech, to include it as a Trojan horse inside laptops and game consoles. And we hope it works on HDTVs other than specific Bravias. It doesn’t sound like the PS3 will double as a 3D Blu-ray player, but we certainly hope that’s the case.

Does 3D gaming appeal to you? How about 3D movie-watching?


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One response to “PS3 to go 3D by 2011”

  1. Famous Electronics says :

    3D will be a game-changer. It will bring around a full cycle of new hardware purchases, and everyone will buy the new games. Not gonna be cheap but should be well worth it.

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