Google launches real-time search

Google announced Monday the fruits of its earlier deal with Twitter, showing off how it has decided to present real-time Internet content within search results.

Amit Singhal, Google fellow, introduced the real-time section during an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. “We are here today to announce Google real-time search,” Singhal said, calling it “Google relevance technology meets the real-time Web.”

Twitter search will show the latest matches for a particular search term, but Google wants to do more than sort results by time. “Relevance is the foundation of this product,” Singhal said. “It’s relevance, relevance, relevance.”

Google will build a section called “latest results” into the regular Google search results page that automatically refreshes Internet content from sources like Twitter. Singhal showed off how a search for “Obama” would bring up tweets, Web pages, and other Internet content related to the president as it was generated. At the Web 2.0 conference in October, Google struck a deal with Twitter to get access to the service’s “firehose” of tweets.


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5 responses to “Google launches real-time search”

  1. Alison Moore Smith says :

    Very interesting. Thanks for the update on the Twitter/Google mashup!

  2. SocialBlogr says :

    Nice info.. But the real “real-time” search is only works on microblogging system.

  3. ileaneb says :

    Do you think this will change the rules of SEO? I notice that I lot of marketing people are following me on Twitter now and I wonder if they just recently joined or started mass following people because of the Google deal?

    Thanks for the insight.


  4. ileaneb says :

    This is cool. I just did a Google search for “blog podcast” in the last 24 hours and my submission on Blog Engage for “Use Podcast to Promote Your Blog” showed up on the first page!

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