Finally! Google Chrome Extensions!

After a year long wait, Google has officially made more than 300 extensions available for Google Chrome users to plug them on. There are already lots of great extensions available such as:

  • Google Mail Checker (displays the number of unread messages)
  • Google Translate (easily translates an entire webpage with a click of a button)
  • Google Wave Notifier (notify when you have unread Waves)

And many many more over at Google Chrome Extensions official page.

Oh, on another side of news, Google Chrome is now officially available for Mac and Linux (still in Beta)!
For a more geeky technical stuffs on the Google Chrome Extensions, watch the video below on how Chrome extension works:


Article by Michael Aulia

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4 responses to “Finally! Google Chrome Extensions!”

  1. simon says :

    One great extension I found, already saved be few bucks 🙂

    The Chrome Deals extension:

  2. ileaneb says :


    So far I added the extension. It might make me use more but the first couple of days I forgot it was even there. I also had the Diigo extension but it wasn’t that great so I got rid of it. For me, the beauty of using Diigo is the highlighting and sticky note functions but the extension didn’t have those features.
    I thought about adding StumbleUpon, but then I changed my mind. I rarely Stumble posts now since I joined Blog Engage. Voting is much funner! BTW – I see that you are using the same “vote button” trick that I am. We users had to come up with something since we can’t use plugins right?

    Thanks for the post.


    • gbvaz says :

      I guess the Google extensions are the best, but I still couldn’t test them all.
      We users, suffer because we can’t use any Javascript codes, so we have to adapt, but never on the same level as a user.

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