E-readers at CES 2010, will they beat Amazon’s Kindle?

Sprint Skiff
Arguably the most dazzling new e-reader shown off this week, this device features an 11.5-inch screen, the largest on the market, and an insanely thin chassis (barely a quarter-inch) that has a flexible, damage-resistant screen inside. Perhaps more impressive is the Skiff’s software, which lays out periodicals in the way they were intended. Designed more for magazines and newspapers it’s the closest thing to the electronic paper that we have right now. No pricing or release date announced yet.

Samsung E series
No fewer than four e-readers are on tap from Samsung in a variety of sizes, most with a unique feature: Whip out the stylus and you can write notes on the device in longhand. Designed with the PDA fan in mind, they’re otherwise a relatively straightforward lineup, with book sales through Google and wireless features. Available “early this year” for $299 to $699.

Spring Design Alex
It’s got two screens: The top is a standard 8-inch e-reader, the bottom a full color touchscreen that can browse the web, lets you watch video, displays photos, and more. The Alex’s Android-based system should appeal to geekier readers who want to delve deeper into the stuff they’re reading as they go. $399. On sale February 22.

iRiver Story
Perhaps the least impressive new reader in the field, this Kindle knockoff is handsome but not ready for prime time — it won’t even offer wireless at launch. Available at the end of January for $279.

enTourage eDGe
Wacky punctuation aside, this is a wild ebook reader, with two screens connected, laptop-style, by a hinge. Close it shut when you’re on the road, then crack it open — like a real book — when you’re on the couch. The e-reader, 9.7 inches diagonally, is on the left, an
Android-based netbook (with a 10.1-inch screen) is on the right. At nearly 3 pounds it’s far heavier than other e-readers, but it’s nothing if not versatile. $490, shipping in February.

Plastic Logic Que
Thought by many to be the e-reader to beat, the Que is indeed impressive, with a big, quick-to-update 10.5-inch screen, and a striking black plastic case. The Que isn’t just an e-reader, it’s a latter day PDA, complete with calendar and a document management system. Just “que” your files over to the reader and it converts them for display on the device — PowerPoint, PDF, Word docs, spreadsheets, and more. The cheap one goes for $649, and the more expensive version hits a whopping $799. On sale in April.

From Yahoo! Tech

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