Chrome gets more users from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Microsoft‘s market share in web browsers — which used to be around 90% — has now slipped below 60%, with Net Applications recording 59.95% for April. And with IE losing 0.7 percentage points over the month, Google’s Chrome browser gained almost all of it: 0.6 percentage points. Firefox and Apple‘s Safari made negligible gains, while Opera actually lost market share.

It wouldn’t be sensible to put too much emphasis on Net Applications’ monthly numbers, which are based on logging access to lots of websites. They’re a good guide to the trends, but the details depend on which sites are monitored. However, in general, Chrome has grown rapidly while other independent alternatives have tended to plateau.


Compared with April last year, Chrome has gained 4.94 points of market share, while Firefox has only gained 0.75 points and Opera 0.26 points. Over the same period, IE has dropped 7.82 points, so Chrome has grabbed almost two-thirds of the share IE has lost.

Google has the huge advantage of advertising its browser on the front of its market-dominating search engine. And with HTML5, Internet Explorer tends to lose even more users to other browsers like Chrome itself, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


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4 responses to “Chrome gets more users from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer”

  1. Omer Greenwald says :

    I wish the trend will continue even more so the web can get ahead with CSS3 and HTML5. At this point, it’s the mass use of IE that holds it back. Thanks for sharing

  2. gbvaz says :

    Yes, me too! Internet Explorer is not a web development friend. It’s still holding back major advances, but I think this will end soon. Good things to come with HTML5.

  3. ileaneb says :

    Hi Techguia,

    Since I started using Chrome and all of the extension I like I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new internet. I only use IE when I’m forced to because of work. I’m hearing a lot about HTML5 but I’d love to know why it’s so important. What do you like about it?

  4. gbvaz says :

    Hi Ileane, it’s been a while huh? =) Thanks for coming back and leaving a comment, I really appreciate.
    Well, HTML5 promisses a revolution. I think it will indeed. It’s important because the Internet as we see and interact may change for good. For good I mean, new technologies, new capabilities and possibilities.
    I’m planning to make a post about it. Be sure to come back soon for more!
    Best wishes,

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