Firefox 64 bit for Windows?

Firefox 64 bit for Windows is the plan of Mozilla. It’s one of the Firefox 4 features.

Programmer Armen Zambrano Gasparnian announced the first 64-bit Firefox builds for Windows on Friday, offering an FTP site for those who want to download it. But the software isn’t for mainstream users yet.

The transition to 64-bit computing often offers a modest computing performance boost, but the main reason for the transition is getting around the 4GB memory limit of 32-bit computing.

Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer already have their 64 bit versions. Google is working on 64-bit Chrome too.


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One response to “Firefox 64 bit for Windows?”

  1. lestat546 says :

    This software only function in 64 bits platform(windows 64 bits or windows vista)

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