Lego felt tip 110: the Lego printer

Check out this printer. It is built of LEGO and uses a felt tip pen to print on standard paper. The owner of the brilliant LEGO printer designed, built and coded it all from scratch, including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver.

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4 responses to “Lego felt tip 110: the Lego printer”

  1. bbrian017 says :

    What ever was that even serious? I know I just watched it but for some reason I’m still in awe and having a hard time to believe this could work. Too funny lol.

  2. gbvaz says :

    I guess it is real! It has even a circuit board. Not too hard to believe, but it is funny anyway =) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ashley says :

    Looks like a good idea to me! I’m still not sure wether to beleive this or not, but it got all my family gathered round my laptop!

  4. gbvaz says :

    That’s great! Hope you liked it. Thanks for commenting!

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