Google Voice: One phone number, online voicemail, and enhanced call features

Thanks to Ileane from Ms. Ileane Speaks, I found out about the newest service that Google is offering for free, and it’s called Google Voice.

In Google Voice, you’ll have a Google number. This number is like a normal phone number, except it’s not tied to a phone or a location, it’s tied to you. The main idea is to replace all the numbers you have, like your cellphone number, home and phone numbers, by your Google number. With this, people won’t call your cellphone, your home or your work, they will call you, and you will decide where or in which phone you’ll answer them.

Please watch the videos below and tell me: What do you think about this new service? Will you give it a try? What’s your expectations about it?

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17 responses to “Google Voice: One phone number, online voicemail, and enhanced call features”

  1. Danny says :

    I have been using this service for about a year now and it’s great. I forward calls to two phones and my computer (skype). It is definitely saved me from a lot of missed calls. The only downside to google voice is the in-ability to send or receive multi media messages. I don’t use a lot of picture messages but their has been times when people have asked me about a photo they sent to me and then I have to tell them to send it to my other number and it can be confusing to people to which number to call me on and which to send pictures to

    • gbvaz says :

      Thanks for commenting! It’s great to read a comment like yours. Good to know that Google Voice is helping you. I’m still waiting for my invite from Google, can’t wait to start testing this service. Thanks for all the information.

  2. ileaneb says :

    Hi gbvaz,

    Thanks for mentioning me in the post and I hope you get your invite soon. I thought the invite went out to all gmail users, but I’m sure you’ll get it soon. I actually met a Google employee when I was over on Google Buzz and he sent me an invite based on a comment I made. That was pretty cool!

  3. Tek3D says :

    I was very interested in Google Voice when it was released 1 year ago. But then I was very disappointed as it is not available in my country yet and I am still waiting for the expansion.

  4. Vinay says :

    cool feature by google 🙂 will surely give a try 🙂

  5. Gojeg says :

    Great feature from Google. 😀 Hope can try this in my country.

    • gbvaz says :

      Unfortunately this service is still only available to the US. But according to Google, there’s a plan to expand the service to additional countries in the future.

  6. Shekhar Sahu says :

    This started in november 2009. I got my first invite in december then last month on diff. email ids. But i cant use it india. 😦

  7. loeis says :

    Great Google service to make cheap international calling. This is new service that Google offered for free with Google number. Hope can try this service?

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