22 responses to “Finally: Use Multiple Google Accounts in the Same Browser”

  1. evologynow says :

    I’m thrilled about this! Thanks for the info.

  2. Nicola says :

    Great post gbvaz. I was waiting for this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ileaneb says :

    Hi Tech Guia, This is really good news. The problem I have is with my Google Adsense account. I started that account way before I signed up for Gmail and if I would have known there was an issue I would have done things differently. The other conflict I have is with my FeedBurner account. Maybe once day Google will fix these too! Thanks.

  4. paul m. says :


    i think this will be a problem if you have a banned adsense account and managed to get a new one using another name.

  5. Skyking says :

    This is realy good news

  6. Swapnil says :

    Wow! Finally, I had a lot of problem regarding this and thanks I was not aware it can be done now.

  7. Tek3D says :

    I can’t understand why people need this function, using multiple accounts in confusing. Why we don’t use a mail client to collect mails from different accounts?

    • gbvaz says :

      Maybe it should be useful to people who have a personal and a professional Google account. Or a different account from work. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for commenting!

    • Charles says :

      Simple, not everyone can use an email client like Thunderbird everywhere they go (even a portable version of it). Email thru the site is usually the most common use. I for one find this feature very useful as I don’t have to sign in out out of my 2 gmail accounts just to check them out. My only wish is that plug-ins for my FireFox browser like Gmail Notifier get updated so that they can display the #of emails for multiple accounts. This would be an excellent upgrade.

  8. barrycyrus says :

    nice info! 🙂

  9. fayazuc@technicalstatus says :

    thank for your useful information

  10. Charles says :

    So far my favorite feature from google. Now I am able to check both my personal emails and my blog emails without having to log in and out of them. 2 thubs up for this one.

  11. Pubudu @ TechHamlet says :

    Hehe.. now this will save a lot of time for me! 😀

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