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Carmen Sandiego And The Oregon Trail On Facebook In February

You read it right! The classic games Carmen Sandiego and The Oregon Trail will be soon launched on Facebook.  The Oregon Trail in February the 2nd and Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? in February the 11th.


New game Call of Duty: Black Ops, comes in November

The producer Activision unveiled today (Friday 30th) the first trailer of the new game in the series “Call of Duty”. “Black Ops” to be released on November 9th to the United States will take the player on missions that passes between the end of World War II and the Cold War.

Developed by Treyarch studio, the new game will attempt to continue the success of the franchise after “Modern Warfare 2”, released last year and broke all sales records.

The title of the first-person shooter genre has been in production since the late 2008 and is the first game of the series that will be part of a new plan Activision’s strategy to use the “Call of Duty” in other media digital.

Nintendo sees the future in its 3DS

The Nintendo DS family of game devices will soon have a successor, and its name is the 3DS.

According to Nintendo’s Tuesday announcement, the 3DS will boast 3D gaming capability without requiring users to wear “any special glasses” to play titles.

The company said that the 3DS will “succeed [the] ‘Nintendo DS series.'” Perhaps most importantly, the 3DS will boast backward compatibility, allowing users to play games originally built for the Nintendo DS or DSi.

Nintendo was stingy with details. It didn’t indicate how the 3D functionality would work with the 3DS. It also failed to mention how much the console would cost or what games would ship with it. Nintendo plans to offer full details on the 3DS at the E3 show in June. The company declined to comment further.


Netflix streaming finally coming to the Wii

The Nintendo Wii is finally getting Netflix’s streaming service, which is already available on competing game consoles.

Streaming from the online move-rental service will go live on Nintendo’s console this spring, according to a joint announcement on Wednesday. As with the competing consoles, the service will be available at no additional cost for Netflix subscribers with unlimited plans, which start at $8.99 per month.

Like with the Sony PlayStation 3, which added Netflix streaming last fall, Nintendo Wii owners will need a free, instant-streaming disc from Netflix to access content. Using the disc may be annoying to some people since they must pop it into their Wii drive to access Netflix’s stream.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the first console to get Netflix streaming, requires no extra disc. However, Microsoft does require an Xbox Live gold membership, which costs $50 a year, to access the Netflix service.

Wii owners can start reserving their instant-streaming disc now on Netflix’s Wii page.


OnLive Game On Demand – The Future of Gaming

With 8 million ‘soldiers’, new Call of Duty becomes the largest ‘army’ in the world

Developer celebrates the number of players registered online. Number of players exceeds the largest armies in the world.

The game of first-person shooter “Call of duty: modern warfare 2” recorded eight million entries of players for on-line in its first week in stores. According to the producer of the title, Activision, the game became the largest army in the world.

In comparison made by the troops of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), with 28 member countries, has 3.9 million members, almost half of the players of “Modern warfare 2. The People’s Liberation Army of China has 2.3 million soldiers and all armed forces of the United States of America (Army, the Airforce, Navy, Marines) added to reach 1.4 million, about five times smaller than the number of players.

News Suggested by: Daniel Almeida


Assassin’s Creed 2 – HD Video Preview

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