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Downloading YouTube Videos: The 10 Extensions You’ll Need

YouTube videos are nice, but when you find a special one, wouldn’t you like to keep it? Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can save YouTube videos to your computer, one of them being through the use of Web browser extensions. Here you will learn about about downloading YouTube videos: the 10 extensions you’ll need to get the job done are listed below.

1. Easy YouTube Video Downloader (Firefox) – this free Firefox add-on is promoted as the easiest video downloader extension ever. This utility supports FLV, 3GP, MP3, and MP4 formats and is fully compliant with 720p and 1080p high definition videos. Add this to Firefox by visiting the add-ons Web site and then clicking the “Add to Firefox” button.

2. YouTube Downloader (Chrome) – a basic YouTube downloader for Chrome. To install it, just visit the Web site for the extension and click the “Add to Chrome” button. When you click to download, the extension will prompt you for the video quality that you want.

3. YouTube Downloader for IE (Internet Explorer) – with all the attention focused on Firefox and Chrome these days, it’s easy to forget that there are add-ons available for Internet Explorer too. To use this add-on you need to paste in the URL of the video you want to download. You can also choose to convert to other formats (such as mobile) so you can bring your videos with you on your phone.

4. Fast YouTube Search (Chrome) – let’s you access YouTube with just a single click to help you find videos that interest you. This convenient and powerful extension saves time and gives you more enjoyment in YouTube. This is a free extension for Chrome.

5. NetVideoHunter Video Downloader (Firefox) – a Firefox add-on that works with more video sites than just YouTube including Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace Music, and other. The default settings of this utility download videos in the best quality available.

6. SmartVideo (Chrome) – a utility that provides “smart” buffering that improves the quality and performance of the YouTube videos you watch. This is especially good for those with slower Internet connections. This free extension for Chrome also supports automatic looping and quality selection.

7. YouTube Search (Internet Explorer) – allows you to highlight text in a Web page and automatically search for related YouTube videos. To install this, click the orange “Add to Internet Explorer” button at the add-on’s Web site.

8. YouTube2Mobile (Chrome) – a Chrome extension that will allow you to download videos for use on your mobile device via Bluetooth, or memory card.

9. Ultimate YouTube Downloader (Firefox) – this plugin downloads YouTube videos in MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats via a simple Firefox interface. With this add-on, you don’t have to worry about taking extra steps to format your video for your mobile device or other application because the file conversion is processed on the fly as you download.

10. Download YouTube Videos + (Firefox) – uses both a browser button and a toolbar button to give you access to easy YouTube downloads. It also has a Bing search function and buttons for Facebook and StumbleUpon to give you was access for sharing. You can download in a ton of formats too (mp4,wmv, flv, ram, mpg, movie, divx, rbs, avi, mov, asf, and others), giving you great flexibility to accommodate your purpose. Also, this screen shot has an integrated screen shot feature.

Don’t forget these powerful tools when downloading YouTube videos: the 10 extensions you’ll need are all right here so get started now.

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Microsoft Research Street Slide View

Google Street View to get a “new enemy”? That’s what Microsoft researchers want as soon as possible. Watch the video below and tell me what do you think about it? Does it have potential to beat Google Street View?

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Bing Maps Beta: Very cool, but limited

SAN FRANCISCO–Microsoft’s Bing took a major step forward Wednesday in adding rich mapping and image data to its search engine, but until it assembles more data, pretty pictures aren’t enough to beat the Google Maps juggernaut.

Bing Maps Beta was released during a presentation at Microsoft’s offices here. It’s a Silverlight-based application that runs inside Bing Maps and adds Microsoft’s version of Google Street View–called Streetside–to Bing Maps, as well as enhanced “bird’s eye” images that let you swoop over cities.

I spent some quality time Wednesday afternoon with the new Bing Maps Beta, zooming through the streets of San Francisco and New York and testing out various searches. The best part about Bing Maps Beta–by far–are the rich transitions between high-resolution street-level or bird’s-eye view photos as you move around a city, making it feel like you’re actually driving down the road.

Unfortunately, that’s also the worst part; you’ll have to download Microsoft Silverlight to make the rich imagery come alive (although you can still use Bing Maps without it), and 10 minutes of poking around with the application put a noticeable drain on system resources. If I left the window open, but didn’t do anything in Bing Maps, my activity monitor dropped back to a moderate pace, only to max out again once I started playing with the Streetside feature or scrolling around a map.

But what Microsoft has assembled is impressive. The images are high-quality, and the location fixes are quite precise. The bird’s-eye views have been improved with more perspective on roads hidden by buildings and name prominent buildings right on the map.

Scrolling around a city in bird’s-eye view also allows you to view geotagged picture galleries created with Microsoft Photosynth. Click the little blue Streetside man (Google’s little Street View man is orange) to choose between Streetside or Photosynth views, and if you click on a green icon in a given location, you are presented with photo galleries shot of the location. You can check out exhibits in museums such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, zooming into the building from the bird’s-eye view.

From CNET.com

Bing Buddies Up With Wolfram Alpha

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced it’s teaming up with answer engine Wolfram Alpha to beef up its Bing search engine.

This will give Bing users access to Wolfram Alpha’s algorithms and curated data.

The team-up marks yet another step in Microsoft’s battle with Google in the Web search market.

Double-Teaming Fat, the Flu and Math

By itself, Wolfram Alpha isn’t designed to provide the same kind of information people generally look for when performing a search on a mainstream engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Instead of providing links pertaining to keywords, Wolfram answers questions by computing massive sets of structured data it’s collected. By adding Wolfram Alpha’s capabilities, Microsoft could blend in Wolfram’s knack for hard-core data queries and calculations.

For example, “We will bring nutritional information and tools into Bing’s search results, as well as some straight-up hard math and homework help,” announced Tracey Yao and Pedro Silva in Bing’s blog post on the partnership.

Bing is including Wolfram Alpha’s body mass index interactive form on its results page so users can find out how their body mass ratio compares with the recommended levels. Also, Bing users searching for specific food items will see tabs and labels providing nutrition information about those items. For example, they’ll be able to compare oranges and kiwi fruit to see which has more vitamins.

Users who want to learn more about math will be able to use Wolfram Alpha’s ability to solve math functions.

Microsoft is rolling out these features now, Yao and Silva said. Microsoft declined comment when asked about future developments in Bing.

Searching for Market Mastery

Teaming up with Wolfram Alpha is Microsoft’s latest move in its struggle to dethrone Google from its dominance of the search engine market.

In October, Microsoft announced a strategic deal with Twitter and Facebook to integrate real-time information into Bing searches. It has launched a Twitter search beta in Bing that can collect and sort tweets in various ways. Microsoft is also working on Facebook integration into the search engine.

In September, Microsoft announced a beta of a Visual Search feature for Bing. This feature groups images into structured results that Microsoft calls “galleries.”

Not to be outdone, Google also announced it’s adding a Twitter-in of its own the same day Redmond made its announcement.

Teaming up with Wolfram Alpha might provide Bing the boost Microsoft is looking for. “One of the issues with Bing is that, since it’s from Microsoft, it isn’t seen as trendy,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told the E-Commerce Times. “Wolfram Alpha is cutting edge and significantly adds to the impression that Bing is something different and should be tried.”

The whole point is to get people to try Bing, Enderle pointed out. “It doesn’t matter if Bing is better, if people won’t try it and stay with it,” he explained. “If people believe it’s worth trying Microsoft will gain market share.”

From TechNewsWorld.com

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